From the Northeast Regional Trustee

Dear Friends,

I hope that you've enjoyed your time with us here in Nashua, NH. If this was your first NERAASA, we trust that our event was informative, interactive and inspiring. As you return to your Areas, Intergroups/Central Offices and Home Groups, I ask that you apply what you've learned, share what you experienced and invite others to be with us in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2021.

If you've been to so many NERAASAs that you've lost count, we hope that you feel renewed, refreshed and recharged with the spirit of recovery, unity and service as you carry the message, preserve our Fellowship and practice these principles all your affairs.

Last, but certainly not least, congratulations to the 2020 Host Committee for a job well done!

Together we can,
Francis G.

Northeast A.A. Area Map

Northeast Regional Trustees

The position of Northeast Regional Trustee was filled in 1965 per a 1962 General Service Conference Advisory Action concerning the restructuring of the General Service Board. Those who have filled the position are listed below (the column with the first date represents when the Trustee was elected, the next column represents the end-date of their service).

NameDate ElectedDate RotatedArea
Frank R.Apr-65Apr-69Lowell, MA (Area 30)
Bill C.Apr-69Apr-72Boston, MA (Area 30)
Junior A.Apr-72Apr-75Needham Heights, MA (Area 30)
John E. W.Apr-75Apr-79Washington, D.C. (Area 13)
Richard D.Apr-79Apr-83Springfield, MA (Area 31)
Garrett T.Apr-83May-87Washginton, D.C. (Area 13)
John S.May-87Apr-91West Orange, NJ (Area 44)
Jacob 'Jake' H.Apr-91May-95Winthrop, Maine (Area 28)
Mary Jane R.May-95Apr-99Wakefield, Rhode Island (Area 61)
Tony T.Apr-99May-03Berlin, Connecticut (Area 11)
Mike P.May-03Apr-07Fair Haven, Vermont (Area 70)
John K.Apr-07May-11Collingswood, NJ (Area 45)
J. Gary L.May-11May-15Bethlehem, PA (Area 59)
Rich P.May-15May-19Pelham, New Hampshire (Area 43)
Francis G.May-19CurrentChelmsford, MA (Area 30)
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